About us

Cronos Security is a team of security professionals with a broad spectrum of expertise.

We deliver end-to-end solutions from governance to security operations tailored to your business needs.

Our team consists of experienced governance coaches to deep technical consultants.

How we work

Our Cronos end-to-end Security approach starts with defining a policy-driven enterprise security program framework that places security program management and risk management in a larger context.

From a security perspective it continues with in-depth focus on governance, architecture, design and operations. This is the only way to understand, apart of the visible "tip of the iceberg", the truly significant risks we face. And most importantly, our approach provides adequate and state-of-the-art end-to-end security solutions you can rely on.

Our security story offers solutions from governance to security operations

Risk Management

Providing a structured approach for translating business processes into security requirements and guiding management into risk strategy approaches and if applicable, integrating it with an entreprise risk management approach.

Program Management

Ensuring that a company or entity has the right assets in place and the right security initiatives underway to meet its goals byimplementing  standardized portfolio management processes.  It can save money, reduce redundancy, mitigate risk and align business and technlogy.


Defining the standards, communication lines, organization and dispensation of tall security related matters that answer the security risk requirements.  When talking about the security management processes, we deliver the expertise to audit, document, improve, train or assess the domains as represented in for example ISO27000, SANS,...


Translating your business requirements to solid secure technical solutions. A description of security principles and an overall approach for complying with the principles that drive the system design; i.e., guidelines on the placement and implementation of specific security services within various distributed computing environments.


State-of-the-art design and implementation thanks to the broad security-product knowledge of our team which is illustrated by the large number of partnerships we have with hard- and software vendors. Key is having a security information and event management in place which allows you to take responsibility towards security operations and to take on the tasks of an “IT security guard” on duty around the clock.


Security Operations is an around the clock task which can be enforced via our Managed Services which defines, controls, checks and adjusts the security processes required for delivering operational support of a policy-driven security environment. We distinguish event, and incident management processes enforcing security policies, and compliance, and vulnerability management processes ensuring that the deployed technology conforms to security policies. These provide adequate protection to control the level of risk to the environment.


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Cronos Security is a team of security professionals with a broad spectrum of expertise. We are a young, dynamic, innovative and fun team that is growing fast!

We are always on the lookout for creative thinkers and inspired minds. People with passion, flair and dedication who don't just want a job, but a place where they can learn, grow, flourish and be part of one of the best security teams around.

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